Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did you loose something?

I was wondering how many people lost classmates during the transitions between 1st and 2nd semester and so forth.

You always wonder how many of the ones who started will actually finish. Will I be one of them?

Today I received a call from one of those such classmates who said she did not make it by 5 points! Which sucks of course. Rumor is that 5 others did not make it too and that number may be climbing.

Guess we'll know in Aug, but I really thought it would come together and NEVER knew some of those that didn't make it were in jeopardy

One person actually 3 tests out was told that they could not miss more than 6 questions on the last two tests, and they actually didn't! Just goes to show what actually opening your books for a change will help you do. Of course they passed with the barest minimum. But hey its a pass right?!?


  1. Okay now I'm nervous! Is it really that intense! I welcome any advice or suggestions you may have for me! I'm hoping to be where you are someday!!!

  2. We lost two from first to second semester. One was due to financial reasons. The other had a baby and wasn't going to have any support to return. I think going into second year we have kept everyone....there're only 19 of us. We'll be adding a few too. Some are repeats coming back in, and some are LPN transition students.

  3. My cohort dropped from 150 to somewhere just over 90 by the end of the course. I'm not sure how many actually finished. I know of 2 that didn't make it. The drop out rate is huge over here though.

  4. We started with 30, lost one at the start of clinical for attendance, (missed two days), and we lost 5 due to grades for sure.

    Yeah its pretty intense at times and competative as well,for grades, for skills,for attention.

    Yeah nursing school is a soap opera all its own. ;-)