Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My head is going to explode

Things are so crazy right now I am not even sure what to do first.

These last few weeks of school are so disorganized it is driving me crazy. I need to study for so many things and do so many things just for school that the home life explosion of things to do is throwing everything just more into a whirlwind.

My father is having major surgery on Friday and my husband just found out that he has to leave for Virginia tonight. Plus he is not sure when he is coming home this time. A few days or a few weeks.

Needless to say this throws some major wrenches in the works since I have a final on Friday, hubby was supposed to get the kids to school and back and now won't be able to. Now it's a crazy shuffle to find out who's doing what and when, considering my schedule and my father's surgery are NOT negotiable.

To do:

Study for test on Thursday -3 Chapters ( Pain, Care of a Surgical Pt & The Older Adult)

Prepare a presentation ( Due today if there is time) or Thursday if there is not. A group thing that needs to be put together still.

Learn more about Fluids & Electrolytes, Caring for a Pt with an Immune Disorder, Caring for a Pt with Cancer, Caring for a Pt with an Urinary disorder & finally caring for a person with an Integumentary disorder.

Practice and study for skills final on Friday

Prepare 3 Case Study medlists with 5 interventions for 10 meds on each case study for Pharm due on Monday

Study for Pharm final on Monday the 11th

Study for Theory final on Thursday the 14th.

I can't even think now. Off to figure something out.


  1. omg...i guess i should complain...i was just glad to get my A & P exam out of the way...sheesh..are u a first yr or second?

  2. Oh wow, sorry you're going through all this. You're a strong person- you will get through this!

  3. 1st year of LPN school. You know how it is I'm sure. The last minute crap. Oh and I forgot some evaluation forms that were due today. So yeah I'll prob. get written up for not turning them in on time.

  4. Oh Christine! That sucks, I know that if my mom was for some reason not able to pick up the kids I have no other backup. Sometimes it's okay to miss class but definitely not clinical. I hope hubby doesn't have to be gone for too long!

  5. I feel your pain. My husband was out of town last week while I was trying to study for ATIs...some day we will function without mush for brains, and stress to the enth degree....or is that even possible? We do have teenagers.