Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who came first Bella or Sookie?

Is it just me or are these two series very similar? Hearing thoughts? Not being able to hear the object of your affections thoughts? Shape shifting into a dog?

Odd very odd.

Twilight and True Blood.... chicken? egg? or copyright infringement?


  1. I don't know. Is this a cable show or movie?? Whatever it is, now I must see it. Or is it a book and I must read it?? Hmmm, either way, it sounds fun.

  2. sookie is first...they are actually books that were turned a series. copyright 1996, twilight is 2005. I hope that helps. I have read both series and believe me if you like twilight you will love dead until dark (1st book of sookie series). I read the first one and bought the others online and read all 7 books in about 3 weeks. I have the latest but i haven't read it yet. no time... TrueBlood is a good show series...but the characters are completely differnt plus the books aren't as smutty as the show

  3. Weird tho isn't it? I bought the box set to read. I've started the first book but haven't gotten into the reading mood yet. But I will this weekend lounging in the pool perhaps. How many books are there? I have 7 of them.

    I saw some previews for the HBO show... other than really bad "fake" southern accents it looks pretty good.

  4. Hey Christine! How funny you noticed this too! My husband and I read all the Twilight books last year and then when True Blood came out on HBO we were thinking the same thing! We started reading the True Blood books but I honestly think I'm a better fan of the show than the books :)