Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My very own Real Life Patient

Well I have my very own Patient I get to practice wound care with ss drainage to boot, medication side effect maintenance- N/V/D, sweating & orthostatic Hypotension, Blood glucose monitoring, TPR & BP, plus assess for lung sounds due to pneumonia in the lower left quadrant. Comes with a walker and a hospital bed included!

Poor Dad!

Well in good news I had my Pharmacology final yesterday, I have no idea how I did yet, I think well, but I only need 9 more points to pass the class, so other than shooting for an A. I'm damn sure I passed that class.

I have a final review today, then my Theory Final on Thursday. I can actually still get an A in that class by racking up 74.25 points out of the 79 possible left. Although I only need 39.25 more points to pass, which is still a lot, but it gives me some bubble room. I think I can put it all together no problems to at least keep my B. But oh wouldn't it be nice to get an A?

Well off to finish getting dressed and head out to class.

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