Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Confused and can't decide...

Ahhh... what to do what to do? I want to continue my education and become an RN. Then I think I don't want to go to school anymore, couldn't care less about being an RN, most especially don't want to go through clinicals and a ton of general ed classes again and then I look at the letters next to my name and think, " Christine, you are too smart to stop now!" But I'll be like almost 40 when I actually finish. Bedside nursing and OR in particular is not going to want a 40 year old new grad will they? I would like to teach Nursing theory, so the MSN is only like 2015 attainable.

Of course I am bored and miss going to classes. I actually miss having tests and things to do. But I also know that its going to be tough again because I will be home even less than I am now and we all know what happened last time.

My dilemma is that...University of Phoenix called and said my start date has been moved up from June 2011 to Feb of 2011. I spoke with them and at this point its set for a finish date of 2014. They do all of the Gen Ed classes and then start the Core classes last. Makes sense of course its forward progress and all that. Its the only program that will allow me to keep working. Its also expensive. However, its a BSN. So that's a bonus.

At this rate an ADN would get me done 1 year sooner.... hum.. probably not worth it since I would not be able to work at the same time.

So... to BSN or not to BSN Is 40 too old?


  1. 40 is most definitely not too old.
    I'm well past that. My wife graduated at 39.
    A guy in our school just graduated who is 62, another will graduate this fall at 60.

    The oldest in our class is 58, and the average age is around 32-34.

    That's the age part.
    (Several of us also hold the theory, from personal experience, that patients like older caregivers)

    As for the BSN...
    The only need for the BSN is if you want to go in to management or in the rare circumstance where the Masters program you want requires it (there are a number of MSN that don't need it...)

    To be an RN you need to pass the NCLEX-RN.
    To take the NCLEX-RN you need a ticket to sit, and you get that from passing any program from diploma to BSN.

    Another school of thinking is to go the ADN (or diploma) path, get a job as an RN, and then use tuition reimbursement from your employer to get the BSN, MSN, etc.

    Anyway, just my $.02.

  2. Thanks!! The reason for the BSN as opposed to the ADN program is simply time and working. Money actually. For the ADN my orginal path I'd need two classes to be able to apply. The problem... the shift I work...can't find the classes in the hours I need ( online not an option - tried that ) the other problem... the lack of jobs in my area willing to offer me the salary I currently make. Oh and the BSN is a faster route toward teaching Nursing which is what I want to do in the end ;-)

  3. You will turn 40 regardless, so what's the issue there? Keep working towards your dream! I also know that my daughter's hospital in Mesa is hiring right now. Maybe you need to just find another job that will work better with a school schedule?

  4. first off i just got my RN at 33...and i had plenty of other older people in my class that just graduated. 40 isn't old when you look at not retiring till 70. thats 30 yrs of nursing...and yes they hire all ages. I was and LPN first just got my Rn and was hired because I had previous experience compared to the new grads that were coming out. Don't give up keep going to school. I plan on going back in a year or two to get my bsn and masters. I want to eventually teacher. The only thing is regret when you look back at 50 and 60 and wish u did go. There was a lady in my class that was very family oriented and put her 2 kids through college first then went back to be a nurse. you are never to old to reach your dreams...Good luck

  5. that should be teach...i really should proof read

  6. i am doing what doing going to pay off my RN loan then go back with my company paying for my bsn

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  8. thanks but I am pretty sure I don't want to go to school in India.. lol

  9. Hey there! I think it's really admirable what you're doing, and I think that you should see it through -- there's a reason why you started in the first place, right? While I am not 40 (I'm 25), I've already changed careers once and am working on my second bachelor's degree now. There is a woman in my cohort in school who's 42. She'll be 43 by the time she graduates and will also, like us, have no actual experience. She's in the same boat as both of us. I say, if you have this goal, why not try to achieve it? After all, if you take the easy "way out" you may always regret it.