Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up Up in the air...

Sooooo... the house hunting is continuing. We should hear about another place today. Of course the Realtor said this one should be for sure, except the last one was for sure too, until another contract bumped us. This contract application crap is a huge PIA all of a sudden. Of course I like looking at all the houses :-) Its my own personal version of one of my favorite shows "House Hunters" !

So is it House number 1 close to the kids school

House number 2 with the nice backyard

or House number 3 with the weird neighbors

Or..... none of the above??


  1. I suggest #3, the weird neighbors.
    Plenty of fodder for great blog entries


  2. LOL I love house hunters!!!
    I like #1 !!!!
    We're virtual house hunting.. NOT as fun!
    But maybe we'll take a trip out some weekend to actually see the houses we're looking into... we really want to get out of here.. we're going to just pay our rent till our lease is up in Nov.. only 4 months, we can handle it.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, the rental market here in Phx is CRAZY. I had one listed for rent and had 12 applications in 2 days. It's really hard to be fair, but it really comes down to who has the better credit and will make the better risk for my homeowners. Pets are another issue that most homeowners don't want. If you can, get a copy of your credit report to submit with the application so MAYBE you don't have to keep paying for it each time you apply with a new house.