Sunday, July 25, 2010

Packing and Saving... a lesson in living as a minimalist

Right now its packing time. I have VERY limited money right now because of the total amount due to move in and the other expenses associated with moving. I have most of it saved and we are waiting to see what hubby's check is before we commit to an actual moving day. We will either be totally out of here on the 1st or totally out of here on the 7th when I get my next check.

In the mean times its rice and beans, beans and rice, so to speak to conserve what little extra money we can. Between gas for the cars and food we are scrimping right now to limp by with the basics of basics. Of course I am very good at finding stuff to cook out of what little staples we have. The bad news is that since I am not home during the week to cook, hubby is not as good at it.

But it'll be worth it, I haven't over drawn our budget and once we move we will be caught back up pretty quick which is a good thing.

I just can't wait to be there!!


  1. I am striving to be as minimalist as possible.. kinda hard with a bunch of kids, but I'm working on it.
    I love how sometimes we can pull random things from the pantry and make an awesome dinner.. even though hours earlier we were thinking there's NOTHING to make for dinner lol. It's amazing what can be pulled together with a few staple items. And well, it helps that I LOVE rice and bean concoctions lol.

    I'm excited for you guys to get out of there!!! So funny, we both moved to the country around the same time, now we're both getting the Hell out around the same time!

  2. I hear ya. I lived off potatoes only for a good year because I couldn't afford to live during nursing school. In the end it was all worth it.... Lucky for me I still love potatoes..!

  3. Hey, my daughter was going thru all her nursing books and there are a bunch that aren't even worth hardly selling back. Would you be intersted in them?

  4. Pam- I am not sure if the same textbooks are used. Email me the names and I will check. That would be awesome though!