Saturday, July 17, 2010

My thoughts are not my own

The thing about working as a nurse is that your job does not stay at your job. Inevitably you seem to take your work home. I did not have this problem as a CNA or as a Customer Service Agent. It was like I had job amnesia, some switch would click as soon as I walked out the door and I would not think about work until I was back there.

With nursing that is not the case. The residents stay in my head, the meds stay in my head, what I did that day, what I could have done that day, what I should have done. I am constantly thinking about if I forgot something. At 3am the other morning I awoke from a sound sleep with a start, I'd forgotten to shut off an SVN machine.

I am constantly reminding myself as I try to drift off to my, always interrupted sleep, to not think about work. I am never quite as successful as I'd like to be!


  1. I'm right there with you. I dream about work and often wake up in the middle of the morning remembering something I forgot to do (or think I forgot to do). I've even called at odd hours to make sure I signed off on a med!

    It's hard NOT to take it home with you!