Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double Shift

I am pretty proud of myself that I have managed yet again to pull a double shift. This time on little more that 3 hours of sleep after working the 2-10 last night ( Monday) I had to go back in for 6am and work till 10pm.

Ah the joys of nursing!


  1. That sucks. Don't know how you do it! My daughter checked with HR and while they aren't hiring at the moment, they do expect to be a little later in the fall. I think they are waiting for the snowbirds to show up!

  2. I just read your blog back to your first day as a SNF LPN. I am so very impressed. I crashed and burned so hard but you managed to adapt and thrive. You rock!!!

    I had to delete all the posts dealing with my attempt to work at a SNF and how the entire thing was a FAIL. The facility failed me, I had 7 different preceptors, 6 days of orientation was more than enough. I failed in several ways as well. Because I continue applying for jobs I decided certain posts needed to be gone.

    Once again I am very impressed with your ability to succeed where I failed. Good job!