Monday, December 6, 2010

Blah... teenage boys

Anyone want an emotional 16 year old, spoiled, self entitled... breaks his Mom's heart type of kid? Comes with his own attitude problem.

Urgh! Why is it that some kids can throw around the word hate and its no big deal to them?

I am not liking the teenage boy phase as much as I used to.

More drama than the girl!


  1. more drama than a girl? lol nooooooo don't say that! Well, I am screwed either way... I have too many of each lol. Can't wait for those days! :/

  2. Oh NM you can totally wait for those days, don't wish it any sooner. I'm trying to get over the attach from my daughter (14) who shouts to me that "I'm so retarded" on Sunday night. I'm sickened by the way she talks to me at times. Uggh, can't wait for this semester to get over so I can put on my mom hat again for a little while at least and get the kids back in order!

  3. I have a couple of those types. As I grew into adulthood I never woulda thought a teenage boy could break my heart again. Wrong! Then the cute little guys I'd given birth to became heartbreakers.