Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Puppies 5 1/2 weeks

This is usually how it is. The triplets are all usually together and Moo and Tika, the smallest, and first born, of the group are together.

Tika is going to her family for Christmas, she'll be 6 weeks so it should be fine. She'll be a spoiled little girl.

Finally here is a good picture of Moo. As all his spots are getting darker every day I hope to get a good picture of those too. Imagine all the white you see speckled with Dalmatian spots. WTF are these dogs mixed dogs with I wonder???


  1. Ohh how precious Christine, now what's the story behind these puppies? Did you say you have the mom and she got pregnant and you don't know who the dad dog is? Is that right?

  2. We have the Mum and Dad doggie. I was tryng to get a red like her, but ended up with dogs with variations of the Dad's coloring and the Mom's breed type.