Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 Things you may not know...

1.) I married my High School sweatheart, but he wasn't my first marriage.
2.) I had a miscarriage at 16
3.) I ran over an abusive boyfriend's foot with my car to get away from him and the cop arrested him.
4.) I had cancer when I was 27 & became a patient on the floor I worked on as a PCT/CNA at the time. Subsequently, I had to quit that job and I changed careers because I became phobic of hospitals for awhile.
5.) I remember every fiction book nearly word for word after I have read them. But I like to reread them anyway.
6.) I do not like crowded places and will have a panic attack if someone bumps into me at the store and need to leave right away, full cart or not. (This one happened today.. again)
7.) I have a GED, since I dropped out of school in the 12th grade to have my daughter. Even though I had A's throughout school and only 1 class left to take.
8.) I have a had more than a few one night stands.
9.) I am not religious AT ALL. Which saddens me.
10.) My father is 1 of 18 kids, my mother is 1 of 10 kids. They each have a brother named Bobby who is their only sibling to have passed away.


  1. 3.) a=good for you!, b=lol

    4.) OMG!! I can't even begin to imagine...

    6.) ugh. Girl, u r a mess :)

    8.) Ohhhh, where were you when I was single?!? LOL

    9.) Being spiritual is much, much more important than being religious...

    BTW, excellent choice on your school path...sounds like it will be a sanity saver!

    You are amazing :D

  2. hi there :)

    just wanted to say I am a frequent visitor and I love your blog

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