Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I want Vs What I got

I intended on working enough hours in the rest of this week to fill up 40 hours. What I have decided to do is actually only work 36. 3 12 hour shifts Thur, Fri & today Sat. Why? Well because I have to do 3 10 hour shifts immediately following. As in 10 on Sunday, Mon and Tuesday. I of course have the option of extending somewhere, but since I have not really been getting much sleep, and two I still have this last week of school. I do not want a lack of sleep killer migraine during my final on Thursday.

Oh how I can not wait for this class to be OVER! Must get some study time in tonight. Finish up my lab report and study guide/extra credit packet.

PS. Went to see Harry Potter yesterday before work with the boy. It was a very good movie. Can't believe its over and been 10 years since we first went to see the movie and I had never even heard of the books!

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