Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Updated!

Ok so I am happy, a little shell shocked with regard to last minute fees. But overall, I got the house. Oh and did I mention it is only $850 a month! 3 bed 2 bath 1400 sq ft, huge island kitchen, french doors onto the patio from the master, bonus step down family room & formal living room.

Yeah for a 7 frigging mile commute. My wallet is going to be so happy!!To put it into perspective, Currently my daughter takes my car to school 4 days a week then over to work then home. Her drive to school is 33 miles 1 way, then 15 miles over to work then another 25 miles back to our house. Then I take the car and drive another 48 miles 1 way to my work. So that is 169 miles each day round trip when you add that, with a car that gets only 22-24 miles MPG... NOT a good deal. Plus its the car we drive everywhere else too. I put almost 700 miles a week on my car!

Moving is gonna suck... I am going to paint before we move in too. So here's hoping we get it all together!


  1. Wow- I am so glad you're moving back to the United States! lol Commuting from Mexico is not ideal! lololol
    Seriously- this will be SO much better for the commutes!

  2. I am happy you are getting out of Maricopa! I am guessing the house is in Mesa? This is going to take so much stress off of you and the family it will be worth the pain of a move!

  3. Pam its in Gilbert actually. But yes it will!