Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just things...

Ok third Micro exam coming up this weekend. 1 more and a final after that. I really want it to be December and this class to be over. Its just so tedious, but at least I am actually learning and applying the knowledge. I actually made a statement about a central line infection and then the doctor quoted me verbatim as the reason for it too! I feel so smart... LOL

My application is in process for the RN program. I have those entrance tests I need to take and get some medical stuff done again. I just updated my CPR so that's one thing to check off the list.

In class its hard to not listen to others conversations and there are many applying for Advanced Placement too. But not a whole lot that I am worried. I mean at this point starting in January or August makes no difference to me. There are not many good jobs out there anyway, plus I could always fill the gap with all those BSN classes that are still on the horizon! What a change from the girl who wanted this to be done so quickly.

So the new house is coming along. I am really liking how close everything is. Just a few more things to clean up and out of the old place still, can't wait for that to be DONE. My back is killing me!

In WLS news... not much else really. Gotta think of just exactly how I plan on losing 5 pounds this month without stepping on a scale... oh and with Thanksgiving! LOL


  1. Micro...yuck! I hope it gets over soon for you too! 5#'s huh, that's not going to be easy with Thanksgiving, but where there's a will there's a way!

  2. *~*~support vibes*~*~ on the weight loss goals and surgery prep!

    I want pics of the house! I always love the way you decorate! Someday I'll decorate.. maybe when we own a place LOL