Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 1 Liquids

***update** Due to moving the blender is half here and half there. So liquids today will not be the start date. Once again the Medifast oatmeal straight out of the packet induced large amounts of emesis. So needless to say... that may be a weight loss trick but NOT one I can "stomach" Nasty shit! So moving on to try something else once the blender is in one place!

Oh and tonight at midnight starts the first attempt at a week of liquids! This is going to be soooo hard. But its only 7 days right? If I want this then I have to prove it. Doctor appointment/weight loss appointment #3 is on the 28th.. my hope is to be down a total of 4 pounds since my start weight. 3 for this month on top of the 1 last month I accidentally dropped. Haha!

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