Friday, October 28, 2011

Half way till L day...

Today marked the half way point until my surgery date. Today's appointment marked a 2.5lb weight loss... an overall weight loss of 3.5 pounds so far... but then again, I haven't been trying either. I am only trying to make the scale go down at each visit. Only 3 more "weight loss" visits required by the insurance company. October's goal of 3 pounds lost was almost obtained. So November's is 5 pounds.


  1. Christine, I'm so excited you found me! We're at the exact same spot!


  2. Which means, if you want to lose 5lbs you actually have to try. This past month was moving, tomorrow is cleaning, next month wont be as hectic, & it will be Thanks Giving. Now the weather is nicer so we can take Sasha for walks regularly. :)
    Routing for you Momma <3