Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Careplan # 2 and my first Mental Health Test

Ah tomorrow is a day off of classes and I am going to be crazy busy. Since the flu knocked me out all week, I didn't get a chance to review any of my notes and of course the test is 1 week from today. Today's POP QUIZ reiterated the fact that I do not know the material at all! Good thing it didn't turn out to count for anything and can serve as a study guide... but I do see a lock down weekend in my future.

We did score a big win though and our instructor agreed to make next week's test only on the 3 mental health chapters and not to include the 55 page section on Nutrition in the middle of it. I mean come on, all those drugs alone and every phase and stage of the plethora of mental illnesses. their signs and symptoms, as well as those of addiction is a major chuck of memory skills even if there are only 20 questions to answer.

So onto another section of the LTC (Long Term Care) for clinical...Today I went and pretty much picked a random pt for my next two clinical weeks. A depressed, early onset Alzheimer's pt with a recent CVA (stroke). I am not even sure if he'll want to work with a student, but I think I have seen him around and usually can "flirt" my way into getting the guys to do what needs to be done. ( Of course flirt is in a totally professional manor not sexual) I tend to use a lot of flattery in a round about way. It's just kindness and attention, and let's face it, some of these people never get to see a kind face or a smile. Great practice for therapeutic communication techniques.

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