Monday, March 9, 2009

My dog is crazy!

She just won't stop crying about the new kitten. We have slowly started to introduce them. The kitten his verbally against it. He spits and growels so loud. But I think he'll come around as he gets bigger. I am not sure if Sasha, the dog, wants to eat him or smell him at this point, but she is just so worked up, we can't let her get too close to him yet. She shakes she gets so anxious. I think she needs a dose of Xanex or something.

On a school related front, I bought a set of cards and a pcoket guide on Nursing Diagnosises, interventions and Rationals. I need to think of 5 interventions for 4 Nursing Diaganosises to turn in my final Careplan on Friday. I think I have the gist of it, but I am not really too sure seeing as though its my very first attempt. Well off to a read a few chapters before tomorrows theory lecture.



  1. Don't worry they'll get used to each other before you know it. I got my dog a couple months ago and most of the cats have finally learned that if they don't freak out and run, he won't bark and chase them. He just wants to play anyway!

  2. I'm just hoping she stops wanting to eat him! Thanks for the hope though! We've had a cat before, but before Christmas she got out and even with her collar and tags she hasn't been seen since =(