Thursday, March 5, 2009

To careplan or not to careplan...

Of course I would be the one who's Pt was sent to the hospital last night! 12 million meds and a careplan later, my Pt was not even there. So I laughed it off more grateful actually than anything, because I did not have to pass the 25 AM meds and explain every last detail of each to the Instructor. I could say it was a waste of my time looking up and writing the actual 25 different AM meds this person was on, but I ultimately learned alot about the disease process of CKD.

However, the day was not a bust. I got a much better Pt. Of course the meds simply consist of a pain med PRN and a Lovanox injection. I am still happy even if I have do have to rewrite a careplan tonight before clinical tomorrow. The case is great though TBI and open fx of the distal humerus and pelvis.

I did also get to poke more people today! But today I got to use this one...

Hey I'm moving up in the world... next comes IM!!!

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