Sunday, March 29, 2009

What are they thinking?

Ah my first "What are they thinking moments"

#1 Pt family Member walks up to the Nurse's Station where myself and the Nurse are sitting. " I need to borrow that thing you listen to the heart with. My mom's heart is pounding out of her chest!"

So we go down to the room. Take the PULSEOX and its 63 BPM at 98% on Room Air! Beating out of her chest my ass! Dramaqueen! Of course my first comment was,

"I'm pretty sure if you don't know what its called you don't know how to use it."

and I absolutly stick by that comment!

So then ...

#2 I'm talking to my daughter's friend yesterday and she says, "That her Mom thinks she needs a colonoscopy."
" What? That's a pretty invasive diagnostic test and you are way too young for a routine test. What's wrong?"
" Oh, I don't use the bathroom twice a day like you are supposed to." she says.

So I explain to her the concept of "regular" bowel movements and according to her she is an every other type of girl. Ok so that's NORMAL. Then she says, " But my Mom's friend had one and she said they removed 17 lbs of waste from her colon."
" Oh you mean a colonic that's totally different. Although 17lbs? What is that person eating?"

You don't realize how little people know until you know more. So I guess I am learning something in Nursing School!

Of course I explain the process of a colonic to this girl and you can see the shock and horror on this 16 year old girl's face at the concept! My daughter was grossed out too! I'm sure they had quite the conversation about it later!

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  1. It never ceases to amaze just how much people really don't know about health and medicine.....