Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some cheese with that wine?

It's nearly Thursday so much for springbreak. My fever is still hovering at 101.7 but I did manage to get it down to 99.6 with 800mgs of Motrin for a whole hour! I just took some more Motrin so I'm hoping for a restful night. My cough is going to be one of those icky ones I can tell. You know that tickle kind that breaks you into coughing fits at the worst possible time and lasts for weeks. Its productive yet dry hacking all at the same time if that can happen. I am taking my daughter to see the Broadway Travel Show of RENT on Friday... I freaking better feel better!

In other news:

I finally heard from my student loans, they finally sent my money to the school on Monday, so if they are working maybe I'll get some cash soon. Which would be nice. I need to pick up another car so we don't have to do the carpool shuffle anymore. Of course I have my summer classes to pay for too, I am debating on if I want to tackle O-Chemistry and Microbiology over the summer. I had planned on taking them this spring, but yeah I got into the LPN Nursing Program instead! Of course to advance to Block 3 and into the official RN portion I still need those classes. So I'll try. I haven't been able to study because of the fevers but I have to get some time in. I have a Pharmacology test on Monday!



  1. I took both Chem and Microbes over the summer between my freshman and sophomore years and while it was incredibly tough, I'm so glad I got them over with.

    Good luck with your Pharm test.

    By the way, what kind of program are you doing? I'm in a traditional 4 year bachelors program.

  2. I am offically in a 12 month LPN Program but if I finish those last two classes and get an 800 on the HESI exit, I can roll into the RN/ADN program. Then I'll tackle the BSN.