Monday, October 5, 2009

Another week...

And I have no idea how to prepare for a test that we have tomorrow. Its on health, prevention and maintenance as well as Scope of Practice. I am pretty sure I have the knowledge but I have no idea how on earth this will be tested in an NCLEX style question given the fact that this week was a self taught class with two teachers throwing in their component in outline form.

Tomorrow starts the the OB sections in theory and this week the kids are on their fall break from school.

Good thing is that I don't have much by way of packing to do for this move. Since we are still pretty much packed and the bulk of our "gear" has been in storage since November of last year.

We're all pretty excited here to move. My son is looking forward to the the HUGE yard and all of us are looking forward to our favorite part of moving... decorating! I really like the newness effect of a new place. Which is probably why I need to rearrange or MOVE every year. Its a product of my upbringing... but I am so addicted to it.

It'll be nice to have my own space again and my own things. Hopefully everyone is on the same page here in my family too. Most importantly my kids with their conservation promises and hubby with his financial responsibility promises.

We shall see. 12 days till Moving Day!


  1. i can't wait to move too...i have to graduate first..get a job...get some but its getting closer

  2. yeah I thought it was going to happen to me in that way also. Unfortunately I had to speed up the move. But it'll be good! I am thinking positive!