Friday, October 9, 2009

Me thinks I am starting to feel like a real nurse...

Or my back is at least. But seriously I actually got some real skills in and did some cultural sensitive care as well. I also was pretty upset with my judgemental partner today that I wanted to strangle, but practiced self control instead. We are there to treat the sick with compassion, not to judge!!

So clinical was interesting this week. I got to admit a Pt fresh from PACU to the floor. Walkie Talkie but still. I helped receive report, my Nurse had to go down somewhere so when the person got to the floor I was there to get them into bed, set up the IV pole, get the vitals started and get them all tucked in and such. Then I got to do a dressing change sans an instructor for the first time! I then proceeded to draw a lab on a hard stick and FAILED. But hey at least I tried and I didn't get stabbed like the RN did!

Today, fresh from ICU came my person who needed a J-tube placed. Failed at that too, but it just kept coiling and that person was fighting it pretty hard. So even the RN couldn't get it. So I get them settled and proceed to get the weirdest come on I have ever had, an offer to be a baby mamacita and they wanted a smooch! LOL So after some Spanglish translation I was able to comfort my person back to relaxed to await an interventional placement in x-ray. Poor person was so upset earlier in the day and kept thinking we were gonna starve them to death! If that tube doesn't get placed soon, they just might!!

I also assisted with a nasty wet to dry dressing change with some deep tunneling on a colectomy with a strange, not sure what type resistant strain of some such contact precautions bacteria. I am NOT a wound type of person, but opening packages all sterile like is pretty fun! Yeah I know I am weird!

So in other news I have a killer toothache right now that is showing signs of swelling and I am trying to figure out how I am going to schedule some time to see the dentist for the damn root canal I know I need. Thinking a quick extraction is going to be the course of action at this point! So perhaps I can find an ER Dentist with Saturday hours tomorrow!

PS. Scheduled the U-haul, advised our storage we would be moving and started going through some boxes in prep for next weekend's move!!

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  1. Sounds like you're having tons of fun!! I"m hoping to get more experience on my next rotation.