Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skipping Class

I can't believe I had to miss a day of class to go to the dentist to find out the swelling is still too much and there is nothing they can do yet. I have never missed a day of class before, it doesn't count against us this semester, but I will have to make sure I don't miss anymore just in case. The dentist did up my antibiotic dose to 300mg q4h from 150mg q6h. So here's hoping it'll work and I'll get relief.

So back to the OR on Thursday, I need to read three chapters for IV class, I have a careplan to finish typing up, and I need to get to studying for my first OB exam on Tuesday! The motivation is sooo gone I am glad I am taking a semester off instead of going right on through to the RN year. I just need to get to that glorious NCLEX test!

So moving day is also fast approaching, hope my remaining student loan check comes in soon as thats the money we are using for the move to cover a few months rent while I finish up school and job hunt!

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