Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Day and an Interuption in Service

Moving Day has arrived and thus the loss of the Internet connection for at least a week. We are moving to a very rural, aka the rustic looking house, area and thusly have some crazy broadband satellite radio signal type of thing for Internet, kinda like the Dish but not. So it takes them about a week after order to get the tech sent out to climb where ever on your house and install the thing. So by next Friday it should be up. I HOPE!!

So last night at clinical I realized that yes OR seems like where I would like to work. But also I realized that I think as far as the learning environment I want to spend the rest of my clinical experience in, I think I prefer Med/Surg at this point. How many people actually say that? So given the opportunity to go back one final time to the OR this rotation, next week. I was thinking of not going. Except I would have to do an extra careplan. Hummm... on second thought!

However, it wasn't that the OR experience was bad, because it wasn't. I actually got to help and the doctor even asked me to get him a lot of things. So the first two bloody surgeries were very cool! The last surgery was laperscopic and lets just say that that is damn BORING!!

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  1. I loved med/surg too, for the variety of illnesses, it never gets boring, and you get to learn something every day.