Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday again **updated**

Urgh I hate Wednesday and I dread my IV class. I can't wait for it to be over. Or at least the IV sticks to be over. It's not that I don't think I can do it. I am getting better, its just the pressure. I think its self inflicted, but its there none the less.

Yesterday's theory test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got a 20/23 so that's not too bad. I am NOT freaking out about getting the A this semester. So I feel less stress on that note. I do on the other hand think its going to get a bit harder the rest of the term!

In related news I have a careplan to finish up today for last week, and need to go in early to clinical tomorrow to pick a patient and start a new one. I hate careplans! LOL yeah don't we all.

Next week is OR again! Can't wait for that!. Plus its moving week.

Then the next week we have a Thursday (8 hour), Friday(8 hour), Saturday (12 hour) clinical week. The 24th is day 1 of OB. Then we have another 3 day week after that on 29-31. Halloween is the second OB day. Maybe it'll be busy!! Then Med/Surg ends on the 6th of Novemeber. After that we still have two days in Peds, a bunch of mix and match classes, SIMS, and practicums!

When I think about it that way, there really isn't that much more left!! WOW

HESI is December 1st and the final is the 8th... pinning is on the 9th and we still have those Peds days on the 12th & 13. Then its NCLEX prep!

I am debating on whether or not to go to pinning though.


Poked my husband 6 times tonight to get the 2 I needed. I changed to the other instructor after 4 misses and WHAM!! Right in, threaded the cathater with 1 finger, attached the extention tube and success!!! Sometimes a change its the instructor that makes you nervous and it was really true. The one I had been working with just freaked me out afraid to let go of the blue hub. This one was like, " See nothing major hapens if you let go!" and it really did change my mindset. Weird, but whatever...I AM DONE!!No more poking my husband... he's happy. But he was such a trooper and alot of help tonight!. So IV class is now its paper work, dressing securing,hanging IVPBs & case studies. Ok off to do that careplan now.

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  1. Go to the pinning earned it. It's a right of passage. Go!!!!!