Monday, November 23, 2009

Skills Practicum Check Offs

Thats all I have for the week! 1 day of classes and the rest of the week just chillin'... well if you can call studying for the final and HESI just chillin'.. haha!

So check offs are tomorrow on Trach Care & Suctioning, NG Tube Insertion & Discontinue, as well as IV insertion and Central Line Dressing Change. I hear we will have IV for sure and 1 of the other options chosen by random draw. This is the last day of check offs, the last day of lab and all that remains will be the exit HESI exam and the final! ( Ok and the 2 Pedi Clinical days that we have to do still- which from what I hear is babysitting 101) Of course I could have told them that because the site we have clinicals at I was going to work there, but I got into Nursing School instead and didn't want to work full time while going to school.

So yeah... it seems soooo weird that this is almost it for awhile. Of course that doesn't mean I will not be in classes. I still need Micro, Chem & a Humanities class for my Associates Degree in Science,in order to graduate in May. Meanwhile I'll hopefully have a job and be able to get into the LPN-BSN program through UoP.

Working is the priority so NCLEX studying is in effect full force! I actually don't think I will be applying prior to taking the test like some Nursing students have done. I think I'd rather have a bit less pressure!! LOL So I'll test then start sending out my applications EVERYWHERE!

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