Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forced Intervention for Facebook Addiction...

Since the move I have pretty much been on a semi-cold turkey withdrawal from the facebook addiction I had acquired. Farmville and Mafia Wars and a few others inbetween were ruling my life. I'd check for updates and play on that thing for hours instead of reading or catching up on reading and notes that needed to be done. I actually think that the facebook addiction contributed to the fact that even though I had planned to be an over achiever this semester, I actually turned into a slacker. Ok, so I am a slacker with a B average, but you know what I mean. Instead of being ready to roll into Block 3 and progress toward the RN as fast as I had hoped, I dropped the Micro and put of the Chem and I've decided that I would rather, qulp,WORK as an LPN for a year, take a few classes and then head directly toward the LPN-BSN route instead of getting the ADN. The girls in my class think I am crazy, but an LPN= Nurse too, and that was my goal. I won't stop at LPN, but I do need to try and get back into the job market. This economy has me so scared and the land of the desert and sun is SHORT on jobs, so this could be easier said than done.

Yet I that I have the Internet back and can go on Facebook once again or Farmville, its actually lost its appeal. I don't need to go on and don't want to. I have managed to reread the Twilight series and have actually managed to do a lot of NCLEX studying while living in the olden days here in our rustic cabin. But now that its 2009 again the draw is no longer there. So yeah I am happy about that! My procrastination is bad enough without having a stupid addiction to a freaking Farm! LOL.

However, now that clinical is over and I have free time once again, I hope I don't roll back into those bad habits. I still need to finish organizing the house and unpacking and there is MUCH studying to, with only a month till graduation and all. I can't believe that its been a almost a year already that I found out I was accepted into the Nursing Program, and graduation is soooo close!!

Ok time to go and watch another movie... today has been a veg day, but tomorrow I promise to make it a productive one.

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