Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mystery of the Test Grades

Have you ever looked at your grade and wondered how the hell that got there, hoped it was some mistake and come to find out it actually was?

That happened to me this term and let me tell you I was sooo shocked when I saw my grade posted I was nearing tears. I am NOT a crying type of person. I was in class when they said the grades were posted and I checked my score. I was shocked and right away the girls could tell there was something wrong. My usually bubbly ( yes I said it, I am bubbly) No really I am... hehe... So anyway it was like a lead anvil fell on my head. I got a what???

The way our tests work is we take the quiz, leave the room when we are done, compare answers, second guess ourselves and then go back into the room and she has the grades posted on the wall. We see the right answers, hoping we remember what we put and then... there no surprises right? Wrong!

So needless to say I KNOW I missed 1/2 a point, a check all that apply and I checked 1 extra.. of course a temp of 100.6 in a postpartum Mom is not normal... what was I thinking?... report anything over 100.4 (duh... probably should have read that slide a little better.. hehe...)

So when I checked it said I had missed 4 questions... each worth 1/2 a point so instead of the 19.5 / 20 I had an 18... WTF??? I was devastated. I just couldn't stop thinking about it... because weird as it may sound this happened to me on another test. I was sure I had missed 2, 1/2 point questions and when I looked it had said 18.5/ 20... That one I let go, but this one just nagged and nagged at me... So I made an appointment to go over the test grades with the Instructor and low and behold... double errors on their test bank and I was vindicated. Course it didn't change my grade by much... but a point is a point and I need all of them I can get.

Now it wasn't like I was agruing a test question or anything, but I marked the right answers according to my version of the test on the scantron and seriously wanted my grade to reflect that! Nursing school is hard enough without getting jipped out of points you earned!

Ok off to a fun filled day of Practicums!

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