Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the Nursing School Front...

Today we start end of program Practicums, SIMs days, and its another lab lecture test, this one is chest tube management,with more dosage and calculation math of course. We also has tree case studies due which I had to get finished this AM, since I had not looked at my syllabus until about an hour ago and realized there were 3 instead of the 1 I knew was there.

I am looking forward to the SIMs labs. We have Vita Annie & baby which is supposed to be a simulated birth of course. Then we have our Med/Surg SIM man. I sure hope its not as bad as last semester. The SIMs experience seemed to be a big cluster f back then, I hope we have learned enough now!

The good news is that I am in group 3 for Practicums, so my check off isn't until the 24th. We have to test on Central Line dressing change, IV insertion, NG tube placement & D/C, as well as trach care with suctioning. So not too bad, its just the nerves that take over especially since its by the book and we are being graded Pass/Fail.

I also have a test on Thursday in theory on L&D and I am hoping we won't have to stay all day for that one, its scheduled as 8-4, but they were saying, with luck, we'd be outta there by noon. Its sooo nice to not have the Thursday Friday clinical anymore so that's a break at least. Fridays, I have decided, are going to be spent in NCLEX question land and reviewing the notes from last semester and this one for our HESI. Which is exactly like taking the NCLEX test and is used as a predictor but counts as 30 possible points out of our total 250 for the course to get that minimum 76%. I assume its like the ATI's other programs have. Its also the ruler by which those going into 3rd Block are measured, because without an 800 they can not progress. So of course there are those in my class that are FREAKING out right now. Me? I am just trying to get to December 9th with my B intact!

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