Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Fire of the season...

In the fireplace of course. Sasha spent the entire time it was lit in this exact position. So the weather has been really nice here this weekend, almost cold. Finally its starting to feel like Fall. Of course cold for us is in the 70-50s range for highs and lows. We actually had some rain yesterday which we haven't had in months and months.

The new puppy is driving us crazy. He is cute as hell, eats a ton, and pees wherever he wants. I can't wait until he housebreaks, and stops chewing everything he sees, namely until he stops chewing on US. But of course with both issues there is a process and we have only had him a week now.

School is getting very close to the end for the semester. We have moved on to Pedi. OB was a very good section for me and I only missed .5 of a point on the OB exam. Peds is going to be crazy hard I think. I really need to get some major studying in. I have a bunch of tests coming up, a few papers to write and have become inspired out of nowhere to return to writing.

When I was younger I wanted to be a writer, and used to write novel style fiction of the historical romance kind. I haven't written anything in nearly 16 years. But Friday night out of the blue I got an idea. Wrote it down and since its running the gamut of the popular genre these days I figure I may create a blog site that is strictly for that "novel". Of course where I'll find the time for this idea I have no idea.

I also think that I would like to start a vegetable garden and perhaps get some chickens. Of course I have no idea how really to raise them and if I really want all that work. But it has always been an idea of mine and since we have the land it could happen.

Ok time to go to bed!

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  1. We're thinking about chickens too... and mini goats... they are so cute!