Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to your regular scheduled program

Med/Surg and OB are DONE!! Clinicals are pretty much over for the most part now, except those two days of babysitting in December. ( This is what the other group called their clinical time at the Peds location), So yeah not looking forward to that.

We pretty much have tests left, skill practicums, the HESI and the final. Then its tat NCLEX. I can't believe there really are only 33 calendar days until "graduation". But there are only 5 class and 3 lab days left!!

So... I like med/surg, but don't want to "do" it. I really Loved OB, I got to help with vaginal birth #2, put baby skin to skin and got to do the baby assessments. But don't want to "do" that either. What I found was that there was a tie between OR and Women's Health. Particularly I was in Antepartum/Gyn when it all just clicked!! Maybe because I got to do so much, and maybe because I was able to help people and fell like I accomplished something. I had a teen with an ectopic, 2 c-sections with babies in Nicu, a puking post-op hysterectomy and a 32 week preterm with an inverted contraction pattern. It was pretty fun!

So in other the news the move went well, things are good and finally we are starting to feel like we live here.

Ok time to catch up on all the shows I have missed!

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  1. whoo hoo countdown! i don't graduate for 6months..good luck on the tests and glad you think u might have found your nitche..good luck