Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The End is near...

Three weeks is all that is left until graduation and being a Nurse! 30 years of dreaming is finally becoming a reality. 4 tests left until I am licenced! Now to come up with the $500 for the exam and to get through the rest of the semester with a passing grade!

We have Peds right now and it is hard! Its the extra steps to med math calculations, the new diseases and the spin on the adult med-surg that become tricky. The immunizations and the developmental milestones to memorize. The Piaget and Ericksen theories in and out and back again. Which toys would be appropriate for blah blah blah! Sheesh now-a-days its give them a Nintendo DS not a coloring book, but not in NCLEX land.

Ok well enough blabbing time to get studying... Peds test tomorrow and I'm sure it'll be a dosey!.

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  1. wow, the end IS near! Congratulations! Let's both get through these next few weeks, can't wait till this is over:)