Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Today

The Comprehensive Final! The end of the PN Blocks. The start of what? Two years ago when I made my decision to get off my ass and go back to school the economy was supportive! Nursing jobs included bonuses and there were plenty to go around. Now who knows?

Two years ago I had planned a different path, a path that lead directly to RN. However, that plan was derailed with the acceptance a semester before I was ready into a program that I had only thought to be my second choice. Guess things happen for a reason.

So... here I am about to graduate the PN program and two classes short of the requirement to roll directly into the RN portion in January... yet with many paths ahead of me. I had planned to drown myself this semester in over 20 credits of accelerated online class but I am glad in a way that I didn't, but disappointed none the same.

So... to pick the spring classes or not to pick the spring classes? Should I take a semester off? Do I continue on the ADN path or do I really want to go the BSN route from here? If I do take spring classes, right now it looks like I'll have: Microbiology, Chemistry, Critical Reading & Introduction to Cinema.... lol cake walk compared to Nursing school right? LOL

So I guess the answer will come with the JOB I suppose!

In the meantime its time to start getting ready for the NCLEX (where I am going to pull $450 out of my butt I have no idea)but that's the next chapter on the Journey through Nursing School & beyond!


  1. Good luck on your final! I had planned on going lvn ( that what its called here) to Rn but now Im not sure if I should just go straight for rn? The only reason I am hesitant is " What if I dont get in ? But like you said everything happens for a reason!

  2. good luck on your final...keep us posted!!