Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's O...V...A.... ova

Clinicals DONE!! Its official!!

Wow Peds sucked. I felt bad for the Instructor at the end because I couldn't stand her from the beginning, if that makes sense. But needless to say when you think a skinny little baby could possibly have DMII, and have no idea of the mechanism/patho of Diabetes Insipidus, think Narcan in the antidote for Mag, I doubt your clinical competence and knowledge. Then when you make me hunt down beds/cribs to make to seem busy during my only Peds clinical time when I could be hanging feeds or doing trach care or something that isn't done by fucking HOUSEKEEPING (as it was at this place) instead of doing new nursing skills that I NEED to be able to perform on an actual breathing human being, makes me doubt your teaching abilities. So yeah sorry about that evaluation I wrote... well not really!

Not that there weren't some nice things, but it really was not my favorite clinical. Not a place where I want to work or a field that even interests me. Besides it makes me upset what the deal is with some of those parents. It'd be pretty tough to bite my tongue that much. The facility was pretty crappy overall the equipment to even take vitals was lacking, sheesh get a thermometer that works, actually they will because I am buying them one and bringing it in tomorrow. The one they were using was about as archaic as a glass mercury one! So even though the place was crap the nurses were great as were the kids! So since it was a it a day of CNA work with a few dressing changes and alot of tube feed hanging and flushing with the fun od checking placement... whoosh... that's about it!! 24 and a 1/2 hours. I am sooo tired!

So until January 1st I am NOT studying! Its all about getting things done in the house, reading for fun and the start of heading out to the gym. (we'll see how that goes... lol)

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