Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In honor of my 200th post... HESI exit exam results!

I scored in the 96.32 percentile for the NATION of Nursing Students who took the HESI-PN test in the last 364 days!

Ok after the nightmare I had the night before of getting a 736... where the hell the randomness of that score came from I will never know... and waking up at 03:30 because of said nightmare I was freaking myself out over this test. It is worth 30 points yet my score got me 28 of those points. I'll take it!

We get in the testing computer lab at 1:00, people are freaking- the tension is so high the bad vibes are all around. It was so bad at one point this one girl couldn't even enter the password correctly 5 times! So as I log on and hit the start exam button my hands started to actually get shaky. But I calmed down after the first few questions. If this is what the NCLEX is like I can only imagine how I will feel... I mean throughout this whole thing, I was like " Where the heck did that question come from?" I was the first person finished... was that a good thing? I took my time, even really debated a few questions, refused to change my answers, even though of course I should have, but when I hit submit and saw the 1037 I couldn't believe it. The class average was 853. Sooo there are a few not too happy people. I found out that I actually can matriculate into the BSN program at ASU instead of the ADN program if I so choose. Not that it changes my plans at this point. I am still going to need to get a job before considering continuing on. I think it just means that I can take a test and I reallllllllyyyyy hope that what HESI says is true... that I can and will pass the NCLEX on my first try!

Well I have 1 test and 2 finals left and its Graduation time! So off to study for tomorrows final in IV therapy!

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