Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today is pinning... I am heading out soon to pick the kids up and head the hour out to the location. Perhaps I'll have pictures to share. Then its off to dinner with the hubby and kids to celebrate the fact that as of today I am a GRADUATE NURSE!! I will not just be a Nursing Student!!

I can't wait to walk onto the floor and say... My name is Christine and I'll be your Nurse today. Or when the Pt family asks to speak with the nurse I don't have to go and get her... it'll be ME.

So in case you didn't know finals went very well and although I did not manage to get my A for the semester, I will settle for a 91.5% for the semester and the B that it is. I did manage to get a 95% on my final so it was a 95, 96, 97 gradebook. All A's on the finals.

So about half of my graduating class is heading on to the RN blocks in January and the rest of us are heading into the RN blocks in August.

Now time to study for NCLEX and get ready to start my last Gen Ed. semester!

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