Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopping, Tires & Rest

That has pretty much been the order of the week since the semester has ended. I feel "weird" like I should be studying or should feel different or should be doing something. But all I am pretty much doing on the school front it waiting for money. I need to register to take the state boards but I need the money, I need to register for next semester's gen-ed classes, but alas I need the money.... Soooo where is my money going?

Well what little we have coming in right now is having to go to the usual bills, the small Christmas we are giving the kids and f'ing TIRES!! Its a good thing the kids haven't asked for much and are not wanting for much because the car repairs have been numerous. Well in two weeks we have had to replace two tires on car and of course there is still something wrong with the money pit of a Jeep that has made driving it a game of chance.

So to maintain my sanity and to get some quality time with the kids before the NCLEX studying and the inevitable job hunt must commence... I have vowed two weeks of no studying! As a result I am entranced in a new series of marathon reading with the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon and have been working pretty hard at house breaking a very "dumb" puppy!