Sunday, December 27, 2009


So I have been rereading a few books that I haven't read in awhile. Talking to people I haven't talked to in awhile, & just plain catching up on what I have been missing.

I am waiting for the funds to come around to send in my application for the NCLEX and well with 1 income and Christmas, $500 doesn't come around fast enough. So I am in a holding pattern until perhaps the 15th or so of January. I have to also register for my spring classes and it seems weird that the girls I hung around with this past year will be moving on without me. Wonder how they will get along without me to fall back on to help them next semester?

So it turns out that nearly half of our remaining original class of 30 are moving on. There were 3 fails this term. So in total we lost 9. So not bad odds I say, I hear programs with 50% or more failure rates. Of the 21 remaining about half are going to be about a semester behind the rest r/t lack of space in the next Block and/ or lack on pre-reqs. I fall into the later catagory of course!

So I am in limbo just waiting for the next step. I think my spring classes will start on the 25th at this point... I shall keep you posted once I get my test date. At this point it will probably be sometime in February... I HOPE!

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