Monday, March 29, 2010

I gots an Interview....

Oh My God!!!

So nervous. Ok so I really hit the proverbal pavement when I found out that I passed my NCLEX I must have sent in 20-30 resumes between the, and sites. I also did a search and downloaded a list of every single Nursing Home in my state, because let's face it, Nursing homes are the place for LPN's, even if I would someday much prefer the inside of an OR ( Guess you know where I'll be trying for once I get my RN), so anyway, I submitted my resume to every single site that was accepting resumes and some that said RN, LPN, CNA 's always welcome to apply.

Just as I was about to post that I had not heard from one yet. I was called by one!! Woot!

Ok so it's only the first interview, and the odds of getting it... well I can sure hope! But I am excited that someone wanted to meet with me even though the words New Grad were on my cover letter.

Wish me luck!!


  1. THAT is so fantastic!!
    Wooo hooo!!

    Good luck...sending positive energy your way ==>>

  2. Good luck!!! I'm excited for ya!!!

  3. Congratulations! I'm sending a big white orb of positive glowing energy and some prayers to!

    Good luck,

  4. That's great news! Wishing you good luck! So when's the interview?!?! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. CONGRATS!!! (and yes im yelling and jumping up and down!!)

    Fingers and toes crossed!!