Saturday, March 13, 2010

T minus 10...

My mind is so scattered, I have stupid classes I don't care about. What is with this weird Chemistry math and why on earth do I need to know this shit? On the other hand, all I can think about is the need to pass this test and finally getting a Nursing job! What sucks is all the places that I want to work are hiring now. I really hope they are hiring when I pass NCLEX! I really hope I PASS!! Fingers, toes and anything else crossed I can think of, because I realized that I really suck at select all that apply questions!

On the home front... well, not much change there. There are some things that have come up that are really bothering me, used to be "deal breaker" type of things. I am not sure how I want to progress at this point. So we will see how this year goes.

Diet is kinda stalled... too much stress right now and a scale that won't budge is adding to it. I will jump back on that challenge as soon as I get through NCLEX! I think I may need to call Jenny Craig for a structured food plan or something. Who knows?

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