Monday, March 22, 2010

The Nerve

Of some people...

So generally these online classes are pretty lenient about due dates and such, as long as everything is in at a pretty normal relation to the due date. IE.. so as not to make too much work on the lazy ass instructor who does nothing but bulk generate an email once a week, which of course isn't even new. It's probably been reused for every freaking section. I wonder how much these people get paid... but I digress. So I thought ok a two day extension would be no big deal. I have taken many classes with these fools before and they have always been pretty nice about it. It's due on Monday I can ask to turn it in on Wed. Right? Wrong!

Her response was, "That an Exam is just not an acceptable excuse."

Well yes of course if it were a normal EXAM. It's not like I was asking because I need to take a freaking Math test or something. Normal and NCLEX have nothing in common.

Obviously someone who has never heard of a test that gets harder the more questions you answer correctly would have no idea the amount of stress and pressure I am under and the amount of studying this takes.

Who the hell can care about the Atomic Mass vs. the atomic number of random shit like BEANS when my future is at stake here!

Whatever.. I did the damn Lab Report ( Thank God it was easy and I could look up everything on Google)

So now for lunch then off to the bookstore for my last 5 hour review and respite from the tension around here.

Apparently the bookstore is my happy place and I never realized it. I mean I spent 5 hours there yesterday and really didn't even notice it, until I started getting shaking hands and a really fuzzy feeling in my brain that meant it was way past time to eat!

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