Monday, March 8, 2010


Not much going on. I've just been concentrating on studying. Still trying to get in my 30 day challenge, but not obsessing about it right now because NCLEX needs to be the focus right now and the rest will need to work itself out. I must admit that I really am not giving my all to my current classes and only managed an 89% on my easy Health Information Class, because I just could not focus enough to complete a project with the care and research it should have taken. But at this point a B is SAP and that's Ok. So I have 3 classes left in progress. I still an A ( which I am sure I'll finish with a B)in Philosophy, and in Chemistry I have a C and Micro I have a C. Micro is only so low because of the Citing on the Essay ( but I have fixed that issue), although I did have a quiz I totally bombed! Probably should have read the book a bit.

So I have a date night tomorrow night to see Gretchen Wilson at Toby Keith's "I love this Bar & Grille". I am also taking my son & nephew out tomorrow afternoon to Amazing Jake's. Its like a Chuck-E-Cheese, for older kids. This will be the first time he is tall enough to drive the go-carts. We haven't been since last year this time. But bowling, mini-golf, laser tag and mindless video games, along with amazing food is a nice break too!

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  1. Have fun on your date today! It sounds like you have an exciting day planned. Might be just what you need to pick those books back up. ;) Sometimes we could all use a little break from the norm every now and then.