Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In a blood pressure is probably a sign that something is wrong. Taking it every hour doesn't change the fact that it is low. That this person is actively dying. So why does the MPOA want me to keep taking it every hour on a hospice comfort measures only person? Like I have time for that, plus I am sure the person doesn't want to be disturbed for a BP check every hour. Not to mention the BP at this point isn't really telling me much.

Besides once the BP is so low that it can't support life.... they'd see the changes in the person. Yum like those normal pulse and respirations they are having would stop.

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  1. Yikes!
    One time I had a bad reaction to the epidural, my bp dropped to 60/40.. it was freaky.. they shot me with some stuff (epinephran???cant remember what it was called) and I felt much better and my bp was normal again. So randomly weird though.