Monday, May 24, 2010

Disneyland a Review...

First let's start this by saying that I spent the entire time fighting off some horrible flu/URI or something. Keeping a 103 fever at bay, along with a raging sore throat and horrible hacking cough took alot of effort and really rained on my parade.

With that being said there were sparks of fun, some great family bonding and an OK time had overall.

The Disneyland Hotel. Well let's just say that it ain't no Hilton! All in all it was like a Motel 6 or a Days Inn. Hell not even a Days Inn, because at least there they give you a coffee maker in the room and some pastry for breakfast. This was not what I expected from a Disneyland Resort Hotel. Small room, uncomfortable beds and no extras. Hell even the soap and shampoo smelled funny.

The best thing was that we could go into the park before the general public and for the first few hours there were no lines and we got to go on everything without a line.

Now if you have ever been to Disney World, NEVER go to Disneyland. You'll spend the whole time comparing the two and I swear its like Disneyland is the redheaded step-child or something. It's small, the food sucked and the portions were tiny for the cost. $6 a bottle of water... what the hell!

Downtown Disney had good food. We ate at the House of Blues and the Jazz Kitchen. It was about the same price we pay here in AZ for dinner when we go out. The portions were huge and the food was amazing. The Jazz Kitchen was my favorite.

Since I was sick, and we had finished nearly everything Disney had to offer for our age group of kids by noon, I went back to the Hotel room to take a nap and hubby and the kids went to see the new Shrek movie at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney.

When we went back to the park after the movie @5ish, we did the train, watched a parade, had some ice cream, and searched for an affordable sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt because it was freezing and we'd forgotten sweatshirts. After hitting Toontown and waiting in our first long line for the Roger Rabbit ride we headed over to find somewhere to watch the Fireworks, which ended up being cancelled so back to the room. My fever went to 104 and it was a hell of a night.

We drove home via the 5 to the 8 down the San Diego way. Stopped at a beach, I got nailed by a wave up to my knees on accident. Then headed home where my fever returned about 50 miles from home and soared over 104 again and did not want to break.

So yeah... Disneyland... @ $72 bucks a person for 1 park which can been seen by noon, not worth it overall. I miss Disney World!

I think we should have gone to the zoo!


  1. aw, I'm sorry you were sick the whole time, that definitely sux.
    But glad you and fam got some quality time in.
    Good to know about the Disneyland Hotel, I never knew they let people from the hotel in before the rest of the public... that may make up for the shitty room lol.
    What beach did you guys go to? Did Sami show ya'll to Mission Beach?
    It's been SO cold here over the weekend.. I hope it was warmer by the beach... probably was, I live in Narnia.

  2. oh p.s. you got me into that Nurse Jackie show LOL Love it!

  3. lol... we didn't go into SD at all. We just hit the Pacific Coast Highway for a few miles and stopped at a random beach. It was soooo cold outside that it was just a dip the feet, in take a picture quick,kind of stop. Sami never even got out of the car. We'll have to go to SD sometime later in the summer.

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  5. hummmm wish I could read that ^