Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I wonder how much more I can take. Chronic pain is one thing but adding to the mix & not being able to take anything except Motrin us getting f'ing old.

My labs came back and on top of the foot issues (which caused me to call in today), I manged to get a raging UTI Tip for new nurses, DO NOT HOLD YOUR PEE FOR 12 hours every freaking shift! (Of course this could be in addition to some honeymoon cystitis too lol)

So to help with the inflammation for the feet they gave me Prednisone and Bactrium for the UTI.

In good news my Medifast stuff has shipped so I'll be starting that. I managed to get someone to cover my shifts for the 21st and the 28th... so I can do something fun... like go to the dentist... lol and we can go to Universal. If worse comes to worse I may need a wheelchair to get around the park... but we ARE going!


  1. A wheelchair would get you on the rides sooner!!

  2. Ouch!
    Well, good to have everything crap out at once.
    If you're going to feel bad you might as well just get it all in.

    I take it things are better with the hubby...

    And, agreed on the wheelchair

  3. sorry about your feet :( You have a very demanding job on the feet... hopefully once they get "better", you won't have too many more issues with them. (yes, I dont know wth I'm saying, just trying to be hopeful and supportive)
    I'm excited about you getting a break for your bday- you definitely deserve it!!!
    Glad you and the hubs seem to be doing better.