Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy week

4 days in a row and now 3 off. I have to work Monday, which only sucks in the fact that I have not been there long enough to be getting holiday pay! Double time would have been NICE.

In other news, this week has been filled with actual nursing. I have been talking to doctors, charting new orders, & dealing with an aspiration experience that resulted in an apnea episode and a visit from some , too bad not hot firefighters.

Plus I have had 2 actively dying residents this week. 1 died an hour after I left, thanks RC and I will miss you. The other is still hanging in there now but with their pulse rate so irregular, 69-250, and respiration's in the 40's, its not looking promising that it won't have already happened as I type this.

I had a few BG levels that needed reporting to other various doctors that needed clarification of orders and I talked a doctor into ordering Ibuprofen to hold off my PIA of a drama queen between hits, I mean doses, of MSIR and Percs q 4.

Ah... so now to celebrate my birthday with a nice relaxing weekend to include cake!

PS.... The diet day one didn't turn into an actual start date. I decided that due to the fact that we were going to Disneyland and my birthday was coming up, starving myself with some powered products was not going to be successful. So June 1st will be Day 1. Ugh... I am hungry just thinking about it!


  1. June 1st sounds like a perfect start date- good for you!
    Yay for being a nurse! lol
    I've been looking into all sorts of programs around here, since I get to go to school when we move... I was looking at respiratory therapist, surgical tech, licensed vocational nurse (I think thats an LPN in other states), and then more back stuff like billing and coding. Thats my health field search anyways... there's like a million fields I wouldn't mind working in and I just cant decide on anything lol.

  2. Have you had a patient die on you before? How do you handle that? I am just sure I would be a basket case, especially if it was someone I had cared for for a while.

    I'm anxious to hear how your diet works out. Might have to try it myself!

  3. As Frosty says:
    Haaaapppppyyyy Birthday!

    Sounds like you are getting quite a variety of experiences already. Going to be a great first year for you by the sounds of things.

    Good call on the diet schedule.

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  5. Hey, since you've mentioned quinoa in the past, I thought you may be interested in this recipe, it is super super yummy!