Monday, November 12, 2012

First RN Interview

Today I had my first interview for an RN position. I am not exactly ready for interviews yet... I hate the questions...

Why should we pick you above all the other qualified candidates? "Because everyone I work with loves me?"

What are your strengths
? "Not killing my coworkers or patients?"

What will you be doing over your first 90 days as a new hire?
"Trying not to get fired?"

Hummm... But seriously, despite this not being for an acute care position, it actually is one of the options I have considered, while I work on my BSN. So yeah... $ year doesn't hurt either.

Mind you this is in addition to the $ that I will be making as I transition to RN in my current position.

So we shall see I guess... I almost talked myself out of it, when I was trying to get my hair to do something this morning, and then again while driving around lost... but overall the company seemed pretty put together and had a few other perks that appeared to be worth it.

We shall see I guess... there are many many more to look forward to in the coming year... I hope!


  1. lol great answers! ;)
    that is fantastic! I hope something great comes through!
    We NEED to get together soonish.. maybe after your graduation (my semester will be ending that week too).

    1. Yeah you also may need to bring the kids over... I have a TON of cereal here that needs to be finished off...LOL

      Anyway, yeah so I did get the job... it'll start as LPN then once I get my RN will convert over with a higher pay rate... however the LPN rate is pretty damn good too!

  2. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds like you are on the start of a wonderful career.

  3. Excellent news! Can you say where you will be working at?

  4. I adore how you confidently answered your interview questions and I bet some will recognize your confidence, and the willingness to perform your abilities.

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