Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preceptorship Starts Today

Two days of classroom Professional Development and welcome to Capstone College. The most important thing is we get free stuff today! LOL Oh and recognition for all of our hard work thus far.

I will also hopefully get the contact information for my specific Preceptor so that I can get these "working for free" hours over and get my schedule for my other PAYING job set up.

I had decided that once I got my RN I would work two full-time jobs for a few years to get debt free and to stash away some cash for a change a la Dave Ramsey

I figured the RN pay grade would supply a big enough boost toward this goal. My plan, fit by 40... Financially and Physically.

Both of those easier said than done, I love food, hate exercise and like to spend money.

I also have this huge procrastination problem, but if I can get out of my own head I think I can do this! Or I sure as hell am going to try... I mean if I can work full time and go to school full time and do well... I can do this! Mainly because I chose jobs where each has a lot of down time :-)

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  1. You SO can do this! I love that goal, fit by 40 financially and physically! Awesome!